H O N O R      F E E     S Y S T E M

Our unique fee system has been created because of our strong belief that no price can be set on life and health.  In other words, since the return, and maintenance of your most valuable assets, your life and your health, are of such great importance, we feel that this service should be made available to all individuals and families.

For this reason, we have created the "HONOR FEE SYSTEM".   In this system, each person or family pays according to their means.  If the fee which you set is honest and reasonable for your financial condition, it is fine with us.  Please understand that this system is not designed to be charity,  taken advantage of, or a bargain.  It is merely a simple and honest approach to the problems of spiraling health care costs and depends on you, the practice member, for its continuation.   Furthermore, this fee system is a privilege which carries certain responsibilities.   These responsibilities are as follows;

flag.gif (17160 bytes)X-rays may be taken at Main Street Chiropractic, located in Medford.

flag.gif (17160 bytes)Please be consistent with your visits.  Follow your recommended schedule.  If you are scheduled to come in on a certain day, make every effort to do so.  This is in your best interest.            

flag.gif (17160 bytes)All fees are due on the first visit of the payment period.  Your timely payment helps keep our fee system available and your quality care affordable.

flag.gif (17160 bytes)Please tell others about chiropractic.  This system depends upon a volume sufficient to carry it out.  Thus, by telling others, you not only help them to be a healthier expression of Life, but you insure the continuation of our system for yourself.   We must request that any adult participating in our unique "HONOR FEE SYSTEM" bring at least two non-practice member guests to one of our 40 minute talks.  We do ask that you do this within your first three months of care.


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